National Events

To complement the Regional events and activities, Member States will host national events and activities. These will vary from country to country and include, inter alia: High-Level Panel Discussions in which government officials speak on country-specific energy matters; spot questions (with prizes) and energy tips on radio; engagements – such as Forums – with schools; and field trips to in-country renewable energy sites. The national events and activities are expected to focus the attention of the country on local matters with which they are familiar and will provide a fillip for the Regional activities. The Energy Unit of the CARICOM Secretariat will provide support to Member States for the planning and hosting of national events and activities.

Regional Events




7 November 2015


Energy App Competition

A Preparatory Workshop will be hosted online and will serve as kick-off for an Innovative Energy App Challenge that will target programmers and enthusiasts across the Region. It is intended that the Challenge will generate innovative concepts that lead to functional ICT Applications that address behavior with regards to sustainable energy use. The Workshop will provide orientation on the rules and applicable development platforms, as well as ideas on issues that are of interest to the Regional energy community.


Electric Mobility Show & Conference


Video Competition

Participants are invited to submit online creative videos or animations which highlight the “vibrant energy and passion” of Caribbean people whilst simultaneously capturing the options and opportunities for sustainable energy production and use.


Photo & Art Competition

Participants are invited to submit online digital photographs, or scans of artwork highlighting the empowerment of the peoples of the CARICOM Region through sustainable energy use.